Identify your door locks, what lock?

First we need to indentify what type of door you have?

These generally come in 4 types

Examples of UPVC doors are:

Standard Front & Back door
Sliding Patio Doors
French Doors – Double doors
Bi-fold Door

UPVC doors are usually white but can be in different colours. They all will have a muli-point lock and you operate by raising the handle to engage the locking points and then turning a key to lock the door. To open the door you have to turn the key and then pull the handle down to unlock the door

UPVC Door Locks

Cylinder Lock

There are several forms of UPVC door locks, which can be found with a number of different handles. UPVC need a Euro Profile Cylinder that works in conjunction with a multi-point lock.

Euro Profile Cylinder – Cylinder Locks are a vital part of a UPVC doors. Euro Cylinders can be used with multi-point locks and mortice locks. Unfortunately, Euro Cylinder Profile locks have been at risk of lock snapping. It’s therefore important to ensure your euro cylinder is British Standard and has a three star rating.

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Thumb Turn Lock
Multi-Point Lock

Multi-point locks are the metal lock down the inside of the door, they providing
an extra level of security because they have multiple locking points. They commonly include a deadbolt, hook and a small hook.

Multi-Point locks with mortice gearbox

Multi-Point locks with mortice gearbox – just to complicate matters there are upvc doors with a mortice gearbox

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