Wood Door Lock Repairs / Upgrades and Extra Security

Mortice locks

These are found on wooden doors and come in different sizes. On external doors, I only fit mortice locks which comply with British Standard (BS3621) I supply and fit Era, Chubb and Union mortice deadlock and sashlock.  Because my van is fitted with a key cutter I can cut extra keys, this will save you a visit to a local shop and at a fraction of the price.

Use our lock id to see which lock you have

Why do you need to change a mortice lock?

You may want to change your mortice lock due to the following reasons

  • the most popular is that you have moved home and you want a new set of keys for the property, if there are several locks I can reset the levers so 1 key operate different locks
  • if you have an old property the current lock may not be up to British Standard, your insurance may stipulate that you must have BS3621 locks on wooden doors, if you are unsure, have a look at the guide or email a photo and I will try and ID the lock and give you some advice.
  • Mortice locks can be faulty, this is due to either wear and tear or damage from attempted break-in, if the lock becomes stiff and you have to force the lock, I would recommend giving me a call, might be something simple or alternatively I can quote for a replacement.

Generally fitted on wooden doors are what’s known as mortice locks, these are a simple bolt lock and are operated by a key. They come in a number of different sizes and brands. On external doors, I only fit mortice locks which comply with British Standard (BS3621).

How do I know if my lock is British Standard?

On the plate of the lock you should see a British Standard kite mark BS3621, if it has, then it will comply with your insurance policy. If you’re not sure, please ring me and I can help you decide which options are best suited to you.

Rim Cylinders & Night latches

These are more commonly known as Yale locks, these are found on wooden doors sometimes with a mortice lock, this is the lock that if you shut the door behind you, the door will be automatically locked, hence I attend more lockouts for this type of locks. If your door only has a rim cylinder on it I would advise fitting a British Standard mortice lock upgrading your lock to British Standard Nightlatch.

You might want to change your rim cylinder for several reasons

  • the most popular is that you have moved home and you want a new set of keys for the property if there are several locks I can re-pin the lock so 1 key operate different locks
  • you are worried about the security of the door and want to upgrade the current lock to a British Standard.
  • Some rim cylinders become stiff generally due to wear and tear, sometimes it might be the door frame which has swelled if you’re unsure don’t worry contact me and I can advise.

For extra security can I add extra locks to a wooden door?

There are plenty of options, the best way forward is that you contact me to arrange a visit for a free no obligation quote and discuss any security matters.

These are your options

Add another BS 3621 deadlock

I advise to fit on the bottom part of the door, this will add extra security in case an intruder attempts to kick in the door. I can fit so both locks work off the same key and don’t worry about extra keys, I have a key cutting machine on my van so I can cut any amount of keys you require.

Add a rim cylinder and nighlatch

These are more commonly known as Yale locks and are an excellent visible added security, another added benefit is that you don’t have to worry about locking this type of lock because once you have shut the door the door is locked. Please note you can easily lock yourself out and I would advise using the mortice lock at all times. I supply and fit either a standard range or a BS3621 night latch in either brass and chrome.

Add extra bolts and chains

This is extra security while you are on the property or you have a wooden door that you occasionally use.

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