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A day in the life of a Locksmith


I know this might sound obvious, one of the reasons why you should call a locksmith and not a handyman is that we know what we are talking about and most of the time we have a solution in the van !!


I received a call from a customer who’s UPVC door would not open, in this case, it was the mechanism that was faulty, generally because I stock the most popular gearboxes I can solve the problem there and then.

Sometimes if I need to order a new mechanism I will fit a temporary lock so the customer can still use the door, usually, I will be back the next day and will not charge any extra labour.



Alternatively, Yale has a universal mechanism which can be adapted to fit 90% of doors. This particular manufacturer has discontinued the mechanism so the Yale Doormaster was the best alternative.

This was done all in one trip and within one hour.





One of my regular customers requested a different type of lock for the office door. This lock is called a digital lock and it is relatively cheap and is a good option to fit on wooden doors.

If you shut the door it is automatically locked and simple code is entered to unlock the door.

The code is very easy to change, so if you have a security breach and need to change to code it’s very simple and you don’t necessarily need to call me






This is a window cable restrictor, if fitted it restricts the gap the window will open, in this case, because this bedroom window opens from the bottom the customer was worried that the child would fall out. A much cheaper option than changing the window.

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