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­Home Security Basics Children Should Know



Everyday life can be extremely busy making it near impossible to protect your children at all times. For this reason we believe it is important to teach children home security basics so they are able to protect themselves when necessary.



It’s an emergency!



Emergencies can happen at any time and place, so teaching children the right steps to keep them safe and secure is imperative. A good start would be writing down emergency phone numbers in an easy to access place, such as the emergency services, your contact numbers and the details of any other trusting adults.



Don’t let people know you’re home alone!



In order to help protect your children, it is important to help them understand why there are certain actions they should not take as they could put them in danger. Is it vital to stress the importance of children never letting anyone know there are no adults home.



Child-friendly alarms



We believe it is important to have a burglar alarm installed, especially if your children are often home unsupervised. There are various burglar alarms on the market with child friendly settings, allowing a child to know exactly how to arm and disarm the alarm.



Who’s at the door?



One of the most important things you could teach a child is how to handle a stranger. In the occasion a stranger is at your door when a child is home alone, having an intercom will allow them to address the stranger without opening the door. Remind your child not to open the door to anyone they do not recognise or trust, and to alert you immediately if a stranger is at the door.



What’s the secret code?



Creating a secret password only known by your close ones can help prevent an emergency situation. Children can be told not to engage with strangers unless they state the secret password.



The use of these simple tips can help keep your children safe and secure, and help you feel more content when leaving your children home alone. While a parent can do everything in their power to protect their children, it is crucial to teach them security basics which can help protect themselves, which is a vital life skill.

If you are concerned about the security of your property, one of our accredited and DBS (CRB) checked locksmiths can provide a security check and recommendations.


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